English 4 PisaDays Itinerary

Day one

When I walk around Pisa I try to imagine the time past, because in this city you can feel the historicity in every corner. During the itinerary I will tell you some legend, let me know the sensation you felt! 🙂

So, I’m going to storytell you my city through the image I did, going around Pisa. You are in a little city, yes, but only for its sizes… Instead it’s a great city for history, art and traditions. You certainly know the Leaning Tower, but we have a lot of other places to see that you won’t miss!

Consider that the Arno river divide Pisa into North and South and my itinerary will start from South!

Let’s start visiting Keith Haring “Tuttomondo” Murales, peace and happiness symbol.

It’s painted on a side of the Sant’Antonio Church. This example of PopArt needs to be photographed!

Looking at the murales take the little street on the right and go to see the Domus Mazziniana, where Giuseppe Mazzini stayed until his death in 1872. Inside you will find the whole story of Mazzini and his personal items, it’s really interesting!

From the first floor of the Domus…

… Cool!

Now, let’s get back to the Murales to go to Corso Italia, the main shopping street of Pisa. As you can see from my pics, the main character are the buildings not the shops, so keep your head up but watch your steps!

I love looking at them! Inside are even better!

Mazzei outlet shop

H&M shop

Relais CentroStorico Residenza D’Epoca (hotel), the only one in the main street.

In the middle of all these shops you will see on your right in a little little square the Del Carmine Church built in 1325. Go in if it’s open and ask to see the ‘Chiostro’, it’s really beautiful and nobody knows it!

Few steps after, at LaFeltrinelli bookshop, it’s really nice to see the backyard… especially in spring!

If you want you can take some rest here or just thinking in quiteness!

Now I need a Cappuccino! 🙂 I like the one at caffè del Corso

They put something like nutella on the foam, mmm 😋

You are near to Via San Martino, the ancient commercial roman street. Walk down and pay attention on the little pear that you will find after few steps…

…It’s located at the begininng of Via la Pera (=Pear) that brings you in Piazza la Pera…😂 Even if the real name of Piazza la Pera is Piazza Gambacorti, but in Pisa is known only with the name Pear!

In this square in the evening people do itinerant aperitivos, my favorite one is Bistrot, even for dinner! 

You have to know that years ago instead of the square there was a church…

… you can see that by the columns.

Let’s go back to Via San Martino

Curiosity: like I said, this street, was the ancient commercial street, in fact, it has the comb form, means that from Lungarno people used to bring the products that came by the boat along the Arno through the little street on your left side.

Go in this little street and take some pictures!

San Martino again and keep looking at the building! Look the architecture!

At building number 19/21 you will find the little statue of the famous heroine Kinzica de Sismondi

Curiosity: the legend tells that during a night attack by the Saracens, the fearless Kinzica ran in her nightclothes to play the bells to wake up all the city. Few hours later the city was saved thanks to Kinzica. 

It’s pretty exciting, I can see the scene in my mind! Try to!

After that you arrive in a square with the big San Martino Church, go in to see how beautiful it is

Another legend is coming…

Curiosity: She is Santa Bona, the patroness of the flight attendants in onor of her pilgrims support.

The legend tells that San Giacomo took her home flying and she brought the seashells from Santiago de Compostela to prove the event.

I started this itinerary around 10 am and when I arrived here I was hungry so I stopped to Galileo Restaurant to have lunch

Tortelli al ragù… mmm buoni!

This is a typical restaurant so you have to taste typical and local food for example the famous torta co’ bischeri

I hope you liked it!

Continued where you leave off to Giardino Scotto

Inside there is this big, beautiful, flowered garden

Curiosity: during summer the garden is set up as a cinema and at some point, while we are watching the movie, the moon comes out of the trees and it’s impossible not to lose the attention😊

The exit is on the other side of the garden and you will come out on Lungarno where you will go on the left side and round the corner… Lungarno Galilei will shine

As always, take your head up to look at the building’s architecture. It’s interesting now Palazzo Lanfranchi inside there is a graphic museum (info here)

If you are not interested in the items, go in anyway because the architecture inside is very beautiful!

Buildings, palaces, palaces, buildings 😂 you arrived at numbers 19 where the Palazzo dei Consoli del Mare known with Fiumi e Fossi name is.

You will notice for sure that is the only behind compare to the others and the only that has the garden in front of.

Curiosity: the legend tells that in this garden rose the Conte Ugolino‘s houses. After Conte Ugolino della Gherardesca’s sentence, the buildings were destroyed and over the ground they threw the salt to not make grow the grass and other buildings. That’s Creepy!

Anyway, you can go inside because are public offices, and I’m telling you this because the ceilings are full of frescoes!

After Conte Ugolino’s property, on the left side pay attention on the church that is going to show you…

…is the octagonal San Sepolcro Church with his pyramidal roof.

It is really particular but I never found it open to make pictures.

Go ahead until Piazza XX Settembre, the end of Corso Italia.

In this square is where the Pisa Municipal is located, his name is Palazzo Gambacorti

Viewed from the opposite side of the bridge!

Curiosity: In the Piazza XX Settembre there is the way down to go the public toilets, it’s a strange suggestion, I know, but go downstairs and see how beautiful are they! They belonged to ‘daytime hotel’ (it. albergo diurno) chain created in 900 by an entrepreneur named Cobianchi.

Let me know what do you think about it!

So, you have to go inside the Municipal to see the beautiful frescoes and the carriage that carried Garibaldi along the countryside of Trentino in 1866.

Are amazing, aren’t they?

Go ahead on Lungarno and you will arrive at Santa Cristina Church and Palazzo Blu.

Curiosity: from both you can see the ancient level of Pisa because Pisa arose in a lower level and you can see that during the itinerary.

Look at the little arch of Santa Cristina Church they seems cut.

From Palazzo Blu you have to go inside to see the old level, if you go downstairs in the basement you step on the old level, cool! 😜

Out of Blu Palace on your left there is Via delle Belle Donne where the artist Andrea Moneti left his mark!

Are not only here, find the others and make pics!

Just up ahead at the Tuffo 13 handmade ice-cream shop

Dark chocolate and hazelnut taste, so good!

And ahead

From Palazzo Blu to La Spina Church in each little street there is a mark, pay attention!

I did the photo in two different moments because this Ponte Solferino bridge show the perfect view at sunset!

Cross the street of the bridge and

If you keep following the Lungarno Sonnino you can take photos of sunset at La Cittadella (we will see it at day three)

Anyway, at the end of this Lungarno on your left will appear a park with a garden and a big church, it’s San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno Church, but it’s restoring in this period so we can’t see the church. On the back of the Church you will find a little Chapel called Sant’Agata, few people know this place

From here we have the last thing to see… the archeological site Canale dei Navicelli where in 1600 Pisa was connected with Livorno.

Look the architecture, here is clearly showed the old level!

In here the first day itinerary is over. I’ll give you some advices for dinner, I like Bistrot, Galileo and Osteria San Paolo in South side of the river, and Ir Tegame, Il Montino, Antica trattoria il Campano e Osteria di Culegna in North side.

See you tomorrow, have a good evening!

Day two

I divided day two in two: we will spend the morning visiting Piazza dei Miracoli and lunch/afternoon in San Rossore Natural Park

Visiting Duomo will take a lot of time, you have to visit the monuments, the cemeterey, two museums and the Leaning Tower.

You can buy tickets here

Buy at least one day before because the day for the day it’s not possible.

After that, I suggest to have lunch in San Rossore, is a different way to spend the rest of the day and unfortunately few tourists know this place

6 Km from where you are now there is the great natural park. If you want you can walk, or with bus 6 you arrive at the beginning of the avenue and then walk 2/3 km

It’s a really nice walk!

Or you can go by car or by taxi until inside!

It’s worth it, especially if you have children you can play football, rollerblading, do pick-nick and until the 13rd of April you can see the horse racing every Thursday and Sunday!

There is even an entire place dedicated to children… Ippolandia!

I show you some pics from the inside

I really love this place! And for lunch you absolutely have to go to La Bottega del Parco, they have typical and local food! Ask for ‘soppressata’, ‘finocchiona’ and ‘salsiccia’ are typical tuscany! Salsiccia is homemade!


Another interesting zone of the park is the Sterpaia where you can do carriage ride until the San Rossore sea. I haven’t done it yet, but as soon as I do that I will post photos! In the meantime I went to see the horses that dragged the carrigaes

I hope that different day will like you!

For dinner check on TripAdvisor Antica trattoria da Bruno and Osteria il Campano.

See you tomorrow!

Day Three

Good Morning guys! We start our itinerary where we left on day one and we are going to walk a lot!


We are at La Cittadella and until 15 of April you could see Mauro da Caprile art gallery (saturday and sunday 10-12.30, 15.30-18)

Next, head up to Guelfa Tower for a bird’s eye view of the city and cardio with 200 steps

From here we have to come back to Lungarno Pacinotti to see Museo Nazionale of Palazzo Reale. It’s a national museum and few tourists know it…


Inside there are testimonies of the aristocratic families of the past like dresses, tapestries, furnitures, armor and so on

Frescoes at the ground floor

Love them!

Out of here, take your right and immediately right in Via Santa Maria

That elevated passage with window in the centre is part of Palazzo Reale and maybe you saw the view from the inside

Curiosity: the tower you can see two photos up is named Torre de Cantone and it’s famous because Galileo Galilei did his studies with the telescope from there!

If cross the arch your perspective will change

Curiosity: I photographed from the corner with Via Trento and the orange gothic palace is named Widows Palace because in the past was the house of the widows of the aristocratic family of Medici and these women walked across the elevated passages to go inside San Nicola Church and not being seen.

Curiosity: San Nicola Church has one of the three leaning tower.

The first arch on the right is a church detail that is recall of Leonardo Fibonacci discovers.

Would you like to have a cappuccino in american style? Filter is really good!

Look at the architecture of the buildings 😄

At the end of street before the pedestrian zone, on the left, you can go visit the Botanical Garden

Relaxing moment

inside you will find the Seashells Museum

I stayed in around 1 hour and after that I went to visit the Conte Ugolino’s Tower (previously booked here) located in Piazza Dei Cavalieri

Curiosity: the tower is covered by the walls, but inside is clearly outlined, look!

And if you go in the basement you are again step on the old level!

The Santo Stefano Church belongs to the square, but it was closed when I was there. It’s really beautiful even from the outside!

From this square take Via Curtatone e Montanara to go see the San Frediano Church


At the end of this street take Lungarno on your right and find this little wonderful Madonna dei Galletti Church


I think it’s my fav!

After this little gem I did a quick lunch at Il Montino so ypu have to come back to Piazza dei Cavalieri and take Via Ulisse Dini, in Via del Monte you will find the pizzeria Il Montino, you absolutely have to eat the ‘schiacciatina con la cecìna’… so good… and typical!

But if you want something vegeterian near il Montino there is the colourful Zazie

Ok then, now from Via Ulisse Dini you arrived in Borgo Stretto the pedestrian zone of the shops, keep looking at the palaces

San Michele in Borgo Church, it’s encrusted in the palaces… really particular ☺️

Arrived in Piazza Garibaldi take Via Rigattieri that brings yo in Piazza Cairoli

Go in San Pietro in Vinculis Church… the basements are amazing!


At this point I think that you have understood that I love the frescoes on the ceilings 😂

Now we will go on Lungarno Mediceo San Matteo National Museum direction

The third day Itinerary it’s over, I suggest to have an aperitivo to Vicolo Divino in Via Serafini (from Lungarno Pacinotti)

Curiosity: on Lungarno Pacinotti, near where you are now, there is a plate in honor of Garibaldi

because in the past he stayed in the yellow palace in the pic down

That palace once was the Tre Donzelle Hotel where he stayed in 1862 to have surgery due to a battle hurt.

So, I wish you a good evening/night and see you tomorrow for our relaxing day!

Day Four

Good Morning!

Today we will go to San Giuliano Thermal Spa (10 min by train from Pisa Central Station and 15 min by car) on the Spa website you will find all the info and it’s important to make a reservation before you go even for the hot thermal pool.

Bring with you only your swimsuit because they will give you the bathrobe, the flip-flops and the cap.



Thank you for reading and follow me on the social networks! If you share your Pisa days photos on Instagram with the hashtag #walkeatpicinPisa I will repost my favorite pic on instagram and on the blog! 

Thank yooouuuu!




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